Working with clients to create organisations where trust, care and integrity are the norm, and high performance is the outcome.

We’re called WhyNot in answer to the question ‘it can’t be done’. We take on seemingly intractable problems that limit performance and disrupt culture inside organisations. We work with organisations that have tried traditional and behavioural change programmes but continue to experience incidents, trust breakdowns and plateaued performance – and can’t work out why.  


We help you challenge assumptions…

Start with

Re-connect to your organisation's Purpose

People are the solution

Evoke leadership, innovation and feedback

Build on strengths

Unleash potential and create resiilence

Everyone matters

Build trust, collaboration and communication

WhyNot is all about people

We know that every person, team and organisation is capable of sustained, great performance, often way in excess of what is currently thought to be possible.

We work with organisations that have tried several change programs, only to find the challenges keep reappearing. WhyNot support you to address these seemingly intractable challenges and unleash the potential inside your organisation.


Hours of transformational development

Number of people
building why-based organisations

Number of people experiencing why-based safety

What We Do

We work with organisations to deliver culture change in three key areas, getting to grips with issues that lie beneath the surface. 

Safety, Health & Wellbeing

Building Positive Safety Cultures

Are your people still getting hurt?
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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Building Inclusive Workplaces

Struggling to realise your DEIB strategy?
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Adaptive Leadership

Building Resilient Futures

The same culture challenges reappearing?
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Our Team's Experience

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