Building Alignment, Performance and Safety across a multinational Major Capital Project

Rapidly engaging everyone to think differently and implement new strategies and ways of working to get ahead of market conditions.


  • Project and Contractor Performance steadily improved
  • 15 million manhours without an LTI
  • Periods of over 16 million km driven without incident
  • 30,000 people attended a tailored orientation
  • 25 certified coaches were trained and coached to create High Performing Teams
  • 60 Leadership Teams were created to navigate and lead their teams

Slide Client impact... “The biggest take away is awareness of how my own actions, attitude and mindset can influence my workplace and relationships within this project.” – Technical Support Engineer Slide Client impact... “New conversations have started to happen across the Project as people aligned themselves more to a commitment to function as a cohesive team. A cultural shift started to occur as seen by different ‘icons’ being changed. Project review meetings are more productive with active listening and better behaviour." – Project Director Slide Client impact... “WhyNot don’t provide solutions. They don’t give us tools or the technical aspects. They work with us to find solutions to problems we can’t solve.” – Operations Programme Lead Slide Client impact... “As a result of spending more time on safety and team alignment, everyone has become more organised, becoming better planners, more productive, enhanced ownership and there’s a better quality of work. WhyNot has enabled us to change the way people work.” – Project Manager

Context and Challenge

The client required a cultural shift in order to encourage individuals and leaders to perform both operationally and in safety performance. The prediction for safety performance on this major capital project was that many people would get injured and 27 people would lose their lives. Even though this was a 5-year project across Kazakhstan and Russia, using local contractors, this predictable outcome was not something any of the international partners found in any way acceptable.

The approach taken was both bottom up and top down. The first step was to create a commitment for the project held by everyone – one that was about creating a new future of possibility, where no one got hurt and everyone worked together to experience the best project they had been on.

Then by working closely ...

… with what people needed on the ground and providing the environment, structure and tools to enable people to come together to solve problems, new ways of working were rapidly established and a culture of working together across contractual boundaries was created.

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