Responding Effectively to a shift in the business environment

Rapidly engaging everyone to think differently and implement new strategies and ways of working to get ahead of market conditions.


  • 25% increase in production levels
  • 40% reduction in cost and waste
  • £25 million overall cost saving per annum
  • Strategic imperatives implemented on time
  • Leaders having more honest conversations
  • People embracing responsibility and ownership
  • More efficient working practices

Context and Challenge

Given a sudden realisation that the business was no longer in a ‘growth’ model, this energy company needed to take on how to lead in an end of asset life model and ‘declining’ production. The senior team realised that it would take something to shift the thinking from the previous growth strategy to taking on the new challenge of drastically reducing cost and also preparing for ultimate decommissioning of their assets.

A deep level of transformation in how to relate to performance was required. It was clear that a fundamental look at every part of their operations was needed, alongside consideration of cost effectiveness whilst continuing to engage every individual on this journey. ‘Creating excitement in decline’, was the mantra and by connecting this phase of the business cycle just a powerfully as a growth phase to the organisation’s higher purpose, ensured that people’s full contribution was available.

This thinking enabled ...

… people to take on this challenge both effectively and quickly, encouraging and enabling each individual to take ownership and evoke leadership thinking and behavior in order to adapt to the new business environment.

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