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WhyNot is all about people. We believe that every person, team and organisation is capable of sustained extraordinary performance, often way in excess of what is currently believed to be possible. Please meet the team who will guide you through your journey.

CEO and Co-Founder

Sally Caruana

Culture Chaser

Client Services Director

Steve Marples

Sports Fanatic

Lead Consultant

Tanja Grant


Lead Consultant

Tom Cassidy

Manchester United Fan


David Collins



Marie-Josee Boesten



Grace Pampus

Operations Manager

Caitlin Taylor

Nature Lover

Head of Finance

Stuart Adamson

Our Founders

Back in 2007, the WhyNot brand was born out of a commitment to constantly create the latest thinking and practice for organisational design and safety – to enable people to have the opportunity to thrive at work. It actually started in Simon Marshall’s garage in deepest Gloucestershire, England. He and his lifelong friend, Peter Docker, spent many weekends covering the walls with flip chart paper and barely legible scrawling as they recorded the things they had learned over their careers about how people communicate and work together. Gradually they distilled their thinking into what was to become the building blocks of WhyNot Un Limited, a company that is now a vehicle for Peter engaging many thousands of people a year in these new ideas and concepts, by speaking and running impactful workshops all over the world.

Soon afterwards and in more comfortable surroundings, (Simon’s conservatory) Sally Caruana and Simon joined up to create WhyNot Partnering Ltd. WhyNot Partnering (now known simply as WhyNot) is committed to transforming the nature of work, by partnering with organisations who want to implement these ideas inside their business. Sally and Simon came together with a shared belief that there’s a better way for businesses to work. A way that enables everyone to be their authentic selves, be fully self-expressed, and really know how their work contributes to the higher purpose of the organisation. When this and other leadership attributes are in place, everyone’s full potential gets released. The inevitable outcome of this is high performance.

Sally and Simon are the authors of WhyNot’s transformational approach, Why-Based Organisational Development and Why-Based Safety, which enable organisations and major projects to create extraordinary performance, by engaging people in deeper ways – effectively bring a deeper level of human connection to business.

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