Caitlin Taylor

Operations Manager

I believe in creating spaces where people and organizations can feel empowered to thrive.

What My Colleagues Say About Me...

  • Creative, self-directed, and incredibly efficient
  • An excellent listener with thoughtful reflections
  • Explorer of ideas, goals, and priorities


  • Brings a can-do attitude!
  • Has a unique capacity to bring together the creativity of an artist and the focus of a manager


My personal path has been one of many experiences through the lenses of transformation and learning with deep roots in environmental and social activism. I have a background in Cultural Anthropology and Landmark Education, which has been the catalyst for my commitment to creating a more regenerative world.

For the past 15 years this commitment has guided my passion in working with consultants, organizations and entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact in areas of regeneration, social justice, transformation, and organizational development. My primary roles have been in supporting organizations in creating and maintaining sustainable operational systems. I enjoy working with complexity and breaking down the details of a project or challenge in order to understand better flow and functionality. Communication, accountability, and integrity are the bases of my personal and work foundation.

In 2021, I permanently relocated from the Bay Area, California to Somerset, UK where I live with my husband, step-children, and feisty parrotlet, Naku.

What I’m really good at:

  • Operations and systems
  • Project management
  • Accountability structures
Hobbies and interests...


weaving wool

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