David Collins


The New Thinker

I see a world where all people will employ their true selves at work, choosing organisations which operate consistent with purpose and which naturally evolve to match rapidly changing environments.

What My Colleagues Say About Me...

  • Has great warmth
  • A shining light with great empathy
  • Committed to learning and bringing new thinking
  • Easy to connect with
  • Caring interesting and curious


With a unique interest in the performance of organisations and people, having worked with hundreds of companies and well over 10,000 people on a one-to-one basis over 25 years, I maximise the performance of any team.  Clients projects have included company and team turnaround, business reinvention, and breakthrough results: for the LSE a ROI of 100,000%.  My experience includes leading teams, workshop facilitation for up to 100 people, and management of multi-stakeholder projects – including one for 300+ companies in a £5bn UK sector. 

I also Chaired the Grenfall Tower Resident’s Group, working alongside the co-author of the Grenfell Action Group blog, fighting against the ill-fated construction project on the grounds of its safety and quality. I advised council leaders and those leading the project something bad may happen if no action taken. 

What I’m really good at:

  • Safety leadership
  • Culture change
  • High performance projects
Hobbies and interests...

Family man

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