Helen Downey

The Energy Igniter

I wake up every morning inspired to unlock potential in people to enable them be the best version of themselves, so that they can positively change their world.

What My Colleagues Say About Me...

  • High energy – with spare batteries!
  • No fear, always in service of others
  • Positive, buoyant and bubbly
  • Passionate, creative and full belief
  • Out to make things happen – great to work with


I am passionate about people and making a difference as I believe once everyone is thriving something extraordinary happens in business. I have been lucky to work with amazing companies in various countries which has harnessed my ability to adapt to various cultures. Building partnerships and relationships is important to me as I believe this is the foundation of success. Meeting clients and understanding their needs are critical to my role in shaping the right conversation, attracting and enrolling people to want to start that conversation is part of my day to day challenge which I thoroughly enjoy as I really believe WhyNot is different.

My background is Aviation whereby the key to success in this complex and fast paced environment is all about stakeholder engagement, alignment of teams and wider communities, project management and operational excellence in performance. Working in a fast paced and complex environment has provided huge opportunities in learning about leading and engaging teams and enabling them become the ambassadors for sustained change which is in essence transformation.

The people within the company are the success story and have crafted their futures. All of this can only be achieved by having a conversation…

What I’m really good at:

  • Organisation development and culture transformation
  • Business Development through stakeholder and client engagement
  • Marketing, networking and event management
Hobbies and interests...

Beach Walker

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