Michaela Marshall


The grounder

My Why is all about enabling and supporting others so that they can thrive. As a mother of three and with Whynot I support everyone so that they can grow and develop.

What My Colleagues Say About Me...

  • Gives huge support
  • Keeps us grounded in reality
  • A real team player, keeping us all focussed
  • Committed, strong and calm – a great stabiliser for WhyNot
  • Great ability to see things from a different perspective, adding huge value
  • Warm, considered


I have been part of growing several businesses and been a Governor at the local school.  Although I’m not “out front”, I support others to enable them to focus on their strengths. My role as Director and Company Secretary enables me to do this.  I enjoy watching our three boys at their music and sporting activities. My husband and I have classic cars which we love travelling through Europe and walking our springer spaniel, Sam.

What I’m really good at:

  • Team development
  • Legal compliance
  • Coaching and support
Hobbies and interests...

Dog Lover

Let’s talk

Responding to COVID-19

We’re continuing to support all our clients during these uncertain times, as they navigate through the various challenges facing their organisations. Generally our work is about supporting people to take on new challenges and building the capability to lead when you don’t know the answer - and through this crisis we’re enabling our clients to do this from a place of care. Something is happening during these times that resonates with us on a deeply human level. It has made us realise how closely we are all connected and how new levels of trust, empathy and caring for one another must be part of how we organise ourselves moving forwards.

We’ve been gathering learnings, building on our experience and we’d be happy to share these with you. We are supporting many other leaders as they think through how to ‘re-generate’ their businesses and create the next version of themselves based on what matters most.               

Over the next few weeks you will see our COVID-19 Resource Centre on Our Insights page offering our latest learnings and thinking. If you’d like to explore our approach further, we’d be happy to have an informal chat.

Stay safe, The WhyNot Team