Mike Mazza

Director US Operations

The Coach

My passion is to work with individuals and teams to help them be extraordinary citizens in their future career.

What My Colleagues Say About Me...

  • Cares more about helping others than personal gain
  • Raises people up
  • Looks towards lessons learned
  • Empowers people


As a coach, my passion is to develop individuals to become better citizens. As a company commander in the US Army, my passion was the same. My leadership philosophy is that I work for my teams, they don’t work for me. My job is to make them successful in life and find their Why.

I grew up on a 35 Acre grape farm in Erie County, PA. My dad Geno and his family came to the United States from Italy in the 1950s. He and his cousins started Mazza Vineyards Winery. He put me and my brother to work in the grape vineyards before the age of 5. He always instilled the value of hard work in us whether we were working in the grape vineyards or in a wrestling competition.

Fast forward to college, I attended Lock Haven University where I wrestled (the best class I have ever taken), joined Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity (the second best class), got a degree in physics, and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the US Army. My first assignment was with an artillery battalion in Hanau, Germany and deployed to the Gulf War. After 20 years of service, I retired and supported several government contractors to help them grow their business as well as building a consultancy firm to help other organizations find their Why.

What I’m really good at:

  • Motivating People
  • Delivering Results
Hobbies and interests...

Wrestling coach

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