Simon Marshall

Lead Consultant AND Co-founder

The Possibility Junkie

I look to create new possibilities so that everyone can be their best.

What My Colleagues Say About Me...

  • Always sees opportunities
  • A visionary, full of possibility
  • Inspires creativity, generates ideas
  • Driven, making the possibility real
  • Thinks outside of the box
  • Unshakeable commitment
  • Looks at the bigger picture, has courage and purpose
  • Courageous and takes on things most people avoid


I am an optimist that sees possibility everywhere: I believe that every person is capable of leading meaningful, fulfilling and extraordinary lives. When we tap into this huge potential in people, magic happens. And when we extend this across organisations, we can create healthy, resilient cultures and unprecedented performance – and by connecting everyone together on this journey we can change the world of work. I am privileged to lead WhyNot to help bring this possibility to the world.

I’ve been consulting at a strategic level for over 30 years, working with some of the best and largest organisations in the world, partnering with them to take on their most pressing challenges. One thing that unites all this work, is working with leaders who have a yearning to be the best they can be for their organisation and are prepared to take themselves on, challenge the currently accepted norms, and have a burning desire to push the boundaries.

I’ve led consulting engagements in over 35 countries, developing a depth of knowledge around the cultural and business experience across Europe, ME, Russia, Africa and US.

I work around the world sharing my experience and the latest thinking to create extraordinary organisations where trust, loyalty, collaboration and integrity are the norm – as is high performance – bringing Why-Based Organisations to the world at scale. I am passionate about high performance and everything associated with it –  empowered, thriving people, confident and clear in their roles, knowing how they’re contributing to something bigger than themselves – enjoying superior results by working together. Hence our name, WhyNot – challenge assumptions.

What I’m really good at:

  • Strategic design of breakthrough interventions
  • Coaching C Suite and Leadership development
  • Creating the next level of progress in Safety, Health and Well Being
Hobbies and interests...

Mountain Biker

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