Stuart adamson

Head of Finance

I believe in developing and empowering people to perform and thrive.

What My Colleagues Say About Me...

  • Excellent listener who is always there for people
  • Very experienced and happy to share


  • Patient and ready to assist
  • Goes out of his way to help


I have been a Chartered Accountant for more than 30 years and have business experience across many sectors including the Oil and Gas industry, Furniture Manufacturing, Commercial Property and Consulting. All have enhanced my career and life skills. My passion in each and every role I have had has been to identify and develop staff at every level in the particular organisation I was a part of.

My experience includes board level strategic planning, including MBO leadership, Legal and regulatory compliance and even accounting and transaction processing. I am passionate about helping businesses expand and develop their products and services which frequently involves focussing on their people and the workplace environment.

I enjoy meeting new people, especially those in an environment new to me. I enjoy learning from them and contributing to their own personal growth and performance.

What I’m really good at:

  • Seeing the Big Picture
  • Growing and developing businesses
  • Making the difficult decisions
Hobbies and interests...

Sports - golf

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