Sylvana Storey

Lead Consultant

The Provocateur

My work with organisations rest on my guiding principle borrowed from the African philosophy of ‘Ubuntu’: we are people because of other people.  I believe that organizations should be grounded in, and lead from a stand of, humanity, humility, empathy and vulnerability so that their people are enabled to be open, connected, committed, responsible and emboldened.

What My Colleagues Say About Me...

  • Brings calm reflection to our work together, with deep insight, listening and a clarity of purpose for what our clients need
  • Ms Choose to Challenge!
  • Thoughtful and reflective
  • Unstoppable, courageous and a real force of nature
  • Thorough and focused
  • Is a huge stand for ‘everyone matters’ and bringing the best out of people


Having run my own business as well as, worked as part of an organization, I understand the realities that leaders and their people working across different organizational structures have. The key word here is ‘realities’ – I’ve walked in and operate from, the realities of both of these shoes. Realities that may force us to pivot, adapt, stretch, challenge, and even disrupt our state of being. Realities that provoke. Provoke how our organisations behave, engage, communicate and apply their mindset. In other words, ways of working.  

I listen to understand your ways of working and I work to drill down into realties that lie beneath the surface. Within a safe space, I seek to query that within the ways in which you work, how you stay focused, maintain curiosity, be value led, capitalise on strengths and build upon limitations whilst growing and learning. Ultimately, I endeavour to make change stick whilst exercising a duty of care to all stakeholders.

An established business psychologist, I have operated in the organisational transformation space for 25 years.  I influence and collaborate seamlessly between the frontline to the C suite and Board levels to strategise, galvanise, facilitate, influence, design and implement people orientated solutions. I consult across sectors, cultures and geographies in ambiguous environments with diverse stakeholders.

I refer to myself as a ‘generalised specialist’ who, with commercial insight and expertise, is able to see ‘the big picture’ and excel at translating that picture and complex business issues into simplified people and action-oriented plans.

A published author and respected thought leader, I have produced leading edge change models and frameworks for cultural co-creation, diversity and inclusion and global leadership.

I remain privileged to have inspired and led remarkable company transformations as a trusted advisor.

What I’m really good at:

  • Culture transformation
  • Leadership and organizational development
  • Diversity and Inclusion
Hobbies and interests...

Intrepid explorer

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