Tanja Grant

Lead Consultant

The Force of Nature

I believe that organizations connected to their purpose (why based), guided by their values and consistent in their strategy and execution, attract and inspire people that give more of themselves to their roles than is required.

What My Colleagues Say About Me...

  • Nothing is impossible!
  • Always learning, with authenticity
  • Can do attitude, driven and helpful
  • Kind-hearted and fun
  • Switched on, committed and curious
  • Inclusive, perspective and insightful


Companies that are connected to their purpose can unleash innovation, creativity and authenticity in their people. They create the conditions to survive and thrive in today’s ever changing and unpredictable business environment.

I am a progressive, agile and dynamic Lead Consultant and I bring over a decade of international experience in leading large engagements and teams through organizational change. I have an established track record of driving individual and group success, developing team capabilities, and supporting diverse initiatives that align group efforts to management initiatives while transitioning operations through challenging shifts. As a bi-lingual and bi-cultural professional, I have been instrumental in developing cohesive teams across physical, cultural and professional boundaries through in-depth professional development strategies and a tenacious commitment to success. My commitment to the team and the organization has been evident throughout my professional career. I have been enthusiastically supporting cultural transformation at every level of organizations: from field workers up to the boardroom, developing new consulting tools and practices along the way.

What I’m really good at:

  • Organisational change
  • Developing cohesive teams
  • Culture transformation
Hobbies and interests...


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