Slide Building High-Performing Projects

Inspired and high-functioning project teams who can navigate the unexpected to deliver on your project’s promises – safely.

Slide What our clients have to say... “Biggest take away is awareness of how my own actions, attitude and mindset can influence my workplace and relations between staff.” – Head of Assets Slide What our clients have to say... “Even though I am traditionally busy and was not looking forward to these sessions, I now see it was well worth it.” – Head of PMO Slide What our clients have to say... “Our production levels increased as reliability improved with the new strategies reducing plant trips for maintenance or asset integrity failures. Our profitability increased as a result of the improvements in reliability and corresponding revenues (c.25%).” – Programme Lead Slide What our clients have to say... “New conversations have started to happen across the Project as people aligned themselves more to our Why. A cultural shift has started to occur as seen by different ‘icons’ being changed. Notice boards and forums contained more Why thinking, and the Why Discovery Interviews continued and were shared at the start of meetings." – Programme Lead Slide What our clients have to say... “WhyNot don’t provide solutions. They work with us to find solutions to problems we can’t solve.” – Technical IT Programme Lead Slide What our clients have to say... “As a result of spending more time on safety, everyone has to be more organised, becoming better planners, more productive and there’s a better quality of work. Safety has changed the way people work.” – Head of Projects

A major project with many stakeholders, unknowns, complexity and interfaces...

…provides many opportunities for increasing risks and lack of performance. WhyNot’s approach focuses on aligning all stakeholders behind one higher purpose of the project, then helping you get every team member committed and speaking with one voice. When this alignment is in place, you have the foundation for exceptional performance and discretionary effort – all in service of your project’s higher purpose.


your compelling Project Vision and Charter


alignment among your team and your partners


teams to navigate the unexpected


shared practices for high performance


… is applied at all project stages and can be introduced at any time. We work with you to create safe projects which run to schedule.

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

Henry Ford

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Building High-Performing Projects

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