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Senior managers who ably guide their organisations through major evolutions to achieve unprecedented performance.

Slide What our clients have to say... “People are connecting from the heart and this has given me access to a different way of thinking and connecting with people.” – Technical Lead Slide What our clients have to say... “Most valuable thing I learned is to listen humbly and with purpose, to recognise the strengths of my team and not to be afraid to share appreciation and ask my team for help.” – Plant Manager Slide What our clients have to say... “This has been the best event I have been to in my 22 years’ of service. A new level of relationship was established between the Senior Executive and our direct reports - a visceral connection through our Purpose” – Head of Engineering Slide What our clients have to say... “WhyNot help us get back to connected. Communication is picking up, people are taking responsibility. People want to get involved in a positive way.” – Communications Lead Slide What our clients have to say... “Most consultants have a process and structure. WhyNot challenge managers to recognise their role in all of this. WhyNot provide strength." – Head of Safety Slide What our clients have to say... "Leadership regardless of rank – warms my heart to see frontline staff addressing managers and demanding the change they want as leaders.” – Head of Transformation


senior managers were better able to engage and inspire their teams, to listen in a way that creates action in others?

you were able to get access to the full potential that exists in every single person inside the organisation?

We work with senior managers to equip them to be able to do just this.

It starts at home. Guiding people through major evolutions is an act of leadership in itself – sourced from your ‘Inspired Purpose” and an unwavering commitment to bring whatever it is you are seeking into existence, despite the current circumstances. It is about being authentic and genuinely enrolling others in the possibility you see, supporting them as they work with you. It is an ability to learn and take on new thinking as the seemingly impossible challenges get worked on and new solutions get worked out and created.


authentic executive leadership


how your legacy culture limits your future


past assumptions to set a new course


conversations that evoke leadership in all

The most important part of leading change effectively...

… starts with really listening and engaging with how is is for people. You can then understand these ‘underlying conditions’ that are holding the current culture and performance in place. This gives you access to take these things on and create a new future not constrained by the past.

“Leadership is about being better able to listen to the whole team than anyone else can.”

– Otto Scharmer

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Leadership For Major Change

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